SEO for E-commerce – what Neil Patel, Roby Richards and Others say – for 2019


Neil discussed 6 steps for SEO for an e-commerce store in great detail. These are complete steps with examples, how-tos and quite relevant today in 2019. We will soon also add what other SEO and online marketing experts such as Roby Richards, Matthew Woodward etc. have to say about this. But let’s start with Neil Patel…
6 Steps for 2019 for SEO for your e-commerce store by Experts such as Neil Patel

What others are saying - Neil Patel on SEO for E-commerce - 6 Tips
If you want to increase your sales on your e-commerce site, look no further than SEO.

While SEO is usually touted as a great way to increase your web traffic, it’s excellent for e-commerce, as well.

According to research by HubSpot, SEO is the #1 challenge in inbound marketing.
You also need to encourage more purchases of your products. In this guide, I’ll tell you the exact strategies I recommend for selling more on your e-commerce site with SEO.

Let’s jump in!

1. Do extensive keyword research

As you probably already know, the biggest secret to SEO success is making sure you’re targeting the right keywords.

It’s easy if you’re writing how-to articles and other types of content, but what about e-commerce?

I’ve found there’s actually a secret type of keyword research you need to be using. To drive customers to your site to buy, you need to target keywords a little differently.

Then Neil goes on to tell in great detail on how to do keyword research using Ubersuggest and many other tools

2. Optimize your product pages

It’s no secret that one of the keys to improving your results in Google is by optimizing each page you want to rank.

One of the best ways to do this with an e-commerce store is by optimizing each product.

If you have an e-commerce store, but you aren’t optimizing your product pages, you’re missing out on a lot of SEO advantages.

Now here Neil goes on to explain how to Optimize your e-commerce store Product pages

3. Include quality links

No matter how good your content is, Google values backlinks over almost everything else.

So, how do you get those links?

The answer is simple. You write quality content and deploy your best efforts to get as many white-hat links to those pages as possible.

From those pages, you can link to products and increase their importance to Google. Here’s how you can do that.

Neil then explains in details how to get those links

4. Perfect your site structure

Even if your product pages are perfect, you can still struggle to get high search engine rankings.

To ensure that Google lists your site as best as possible, make sure your pages are in an order that makes sense.

While your site structure may seem logical to you, it needs to make sense to Google’s web crawlers as well.

Neil, in his usual detailed way explains how to Perfect your site structure.

5. Ensure the best user experience

No matter how SEO changes in coming years, Google will always try to provide the best content for its users.

To ensure that your content consistently ranks high in Google’s results, you need to guarantee that it provides the best value for your user.

Of course, this means that you need to create high-quality content and sell high-quality products. But there are additional strategies that allow you to provide a better user experience.

If you excel in these techniques, you can guarantee a better SEO score now and as Google continues to change its algorithm in years to come.

Neil tells us more about how to do this with examples

6. Include fresh and interactive content

Last but not least, you should have fresh and interactive content to continue to rank well in Google’s listings. There’s no doubt that encouraging user behavior boosts your SEO score.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult for most e-commerce sites.

Since e-commerce sites frequently have hundreds or even thousands of products, it’s unrealistic to expect frequent updates to each page.

So, how is an e-commerce site owner to include fresh content on the website?

Simple. Allow customers to do it for you.

Neil shows some interesting way on how to generate fresh and engaging content for your e-commerce website

Conclusion – by Neil Patel

If you want to make more sales on your e-commerce store, you need to increase your visibility in Google.

To do that, start using SEO best practices and putting real effort into your search-engine placing.

It isn’t as hard as it may seem.

With some careful consideration and research, you can start implementing techniques that will skyrocket your search engine traffic and allow you to sell more.

What SEO techniques will you use to sell more on your e-commerce site?

For the full guide with all the details, check out Neil’s original article here .

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Tips for Choosing a software application resource


Its hard to choose a right software application. One can make it easy by considering some elements


software, solutions, choosing software. application

Tips for Choosing a software application resource

What others are saying - this content may be old
“Utilize the correct apparatus for the activity” is a decent witticism for programming sourcing. There are a few alternatives for programming sourcing nowadays. In-house advancement, programming bundles, local redistributing, seaward re-appropriating, and application specialist organizations (ASPs) are for the most part conceivable hotspots for programming applications. All have their place in a product sourcing technique. Yet, they are not all similarly suited to all assignments. Industry encounter demonstrates that in-house improvement and bought programming bundles are the mainstays of programming sourcing. The rest are specialty arrangements.

Results from my organization’s most recent study, Strategic Trends in Information Technology, demonstrate that half of existing generation applications were conveyed by in-house improvement, 46% by acquired bundles, 3% by household redistributing, nearly 1% by ASPs, and under 1% by seaward re-appropriating.

These outcomes shock numerous individuals who see them. The majority of the consideration showered on re-appropriating and ASPs has given a great many people the feeling that there has been a charge to those sources. Actually the redistributing and ASP markets keep on developing however their commitment to the aggregate base of introduced programming is little.

In-house improvement and acquired programming bundles are the main programming hotspots in light of current circumstances. At the highest priority on the rundown is duty. Workers realize that their prosperity relies upon corporate achievement. They realize they have to convey the application to help the organization and they are candidly dedicated to doing as such. There is not a viable replacement for this close association between undertaking achievement and individual achievement. Indeed, even undertakings that utilization temporary workers or different pariahs get the advantage of this dedication as long as obligation regarding venture achievement stays inside the organization.

Organization information is another amazing component of inward tasks. Representatives know a great deal about the organization. They know the items and they know how the organization works. In particular, they comprehend organization culture. They comprehend it since they are a piece of it. In addition to the fact that this helps complete things, it figures out what is imperative and so forth.

Physical vicinity is another benefit of most inner tasks. Engineers and clients are close enough to one another to have customary eye to eye gatherings. What’s more, they frequently have casual contact too-the great “espresso pot bull-session,” for instance. The majority of this advances better close to home connections that, thus, advance better undertaking outcomes.

Inner tasks have a ton going for them. It’s no big surprise that so much programming has been conveyed that way.

So what is the enormous contention for redistributing and ASPs over in-house advancement and obtained bundles?

Cost, less monetary expense. Quality, time to showcase, and different contentions are now and then made, as well, however all day every day, the huge contention for redistributing and ASPs is cost.

Cost is an incredible contention, however before any monetary advantage is acknowledged re-appropriating and ASPs need to defeat real obstructions. The deterrents they confront are actually in opposition to the qualities of inside ventures.

Rather than representative commitment, we have the seller’s devotion to making a benefit. Not an irrelevant factor no doubt, but rather not equivalent to a representative’s close to home enthusiasm for task achievement.

All organization learning that is essential to the venture, both genuine and social, must be exchanged from representatives to the seller. The more mind boggling or abnormal the application, the more troublesome it progresses toward becoming to exchange all learning.

The seller isn’t a piece of the way of life. The seller is dependably an untouchable, in any event to some degree. This makes it troublesome for the merchant to know the nuances that can have the effect among progress and disappointment. It can even make it hard to impart more obvious information.

Separation makes ordinary eye to eye gatherings among engineers and clients uncommon on many re-appropriated ventures. On some seaward re-appropriating ventures there might be no such gatherings. A delegate of the outsourcer meets with organization agents and transfers data to engineers, who stay seaward. Separation likewise muddles basic correspondence like telephone calls, when colleagues need to battle with eight-, ten-, or twelve-hour time contrasts.

These things can be survived, or possibly oversaw, yet outer undertakings experience difficulty contending specifically with inside tasks. The ramifications of this is inward and outer tasks are not suited for similar kinds of ventures. The greater ware like the task the more qualified it is for outer advancement. The more one of a kind which for the most part implies the more basic to corporate achievement the more qualified it is for inside improvement. This can likewise be connected inside an expansive task by contracting out for the straightforward capacities and utilizing inward advancement for the unpretentious or complex capacities.

In the event that there is any trap to programming sourcing, it is to disregard the promotion and spotlight at work within reach. At that point it’s simply a question of utilizing the correct device for the activity.

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3 Differences between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

If you are in the market for dedicated hosting, you need to know the differences between shared and dedicated hosting.

What others are saying - this content may be old
When it comes to making the all-important choice of what web hosting method to use the choices come down to shared hosting and dedicated hosting. There are so many arguments arguing for both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Perhaps it is time to shed a little light on this web hosting dilemma.

First of all, let’s deal with the all-important question of server access. Needless to say, if you choose to use shared web hosting you will be sharing space with other businesses. Now your parents may have told you it is good to share but that is not always true in the world of web hosting. In the world of web hosting shared is synonymous with limited access.

A limited access approach to web hosting means that your access is limited through a control panel that is provided by the hosting provider. And if the web hosting provider is in charge of the control panel then they are in control of your access. A lack of control to your web hosting means a lack of control for every part of your web hosting needs.

On the other hand, a dedicated hosting server gives you complete and total access. Now doesn’t that sound a lot better? Full access in the form of dedicated hosting means that you get the final say in all web hosting decisions. Dedicated hosting also gives you access to the remote desktop manager, which allows you to have access to the machines desktop.

Next we look at web hosting from the perspective of exclusive use. Getting back to the concept of shared web hosting, the question needs to be asked, how much do you like to share? With shared hosting you are sharing a server with roughly 500-1000 other websites. Wow, that’s a lot of neighbors in your cyber neighborhood. With these many other websites clamoring for web hosting you may not always have access to all the server’s resources. Other websites may be taking up more web hosting resources than you are.

A dedicated hosting service however, gives you exclusive access to all the resources the dedicated hosting server has to offer. Your information alone is responsible for the performance of the server.

Finally lets deal with scalability in regards to the issue of web hosting. Most shared web hosting services do not allow you to install your own applications on the web hosting service. They have a set configuration and they do not go outside the box, thereby limiting your growth.

A dedicated hosting service gives you complete control. Your IT department can install any applications that are necessary for your web hosting needs. Again more control means a more effective web hosting service.

So all in all, it would seem that dedicated hosting is a far more viable option for most businesses web hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you more control and, in the world of web hosting, it’s all about control.
limiting your growth.

A dedicated hosting service gives you complete control. Your IT department can install any applications that are necessary for your web hosting needs. Again more control means a more effective web hosting service.

So all in all, it would seem that dedicated hosting is a far more viable option for most businesses web hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you more control and, in the world of web hosting, it’s all about control.

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Kotlin vs. Java for Mobile App Development – A Brief Comparison

It’s that time of the year again. One of the major computing firms has put its weight behind yet another programming language and you are wondering why.

Kotlin – Google’s new Love

Meet Kotlin – Google’s new love . Its main development is run from a team of JetBrains developers based out of Russia. Kotlin version 1.0 was released on February 15, 2016 which is really recent. This is considered to be the first officially stable release of the language. Kotlin has since then been gaining support and is now, one of the official Development languages for Android.
This is what Google Developer Product Group had to say about Kotlin: “We believe Kotlin is an excellent fit for Android not only because it gives developers what they want, but also because it matches the spirit of Android.”

Kotlin was announced as an official Android development language at Google I/O 2017. It has became the third language fully supported for Android, in addition to Java and C++.
Android mobile app development company, Kotlin, Java

The first thing to remember is that the key phrase here: “one of the”. So it’s not as if someone is taking away your choice to code in Java or C++. In fact as you will see below – choice and flexibility has actually increased.

Android App Development with Kotlin ?

We asked our developers to look at Kotlin , talk around and discuss among peers and ask what folks make of Kotlin.
We actually found that those that have used the language didn’t find the learning curve steep at all.
And that Kotlin added some capabilities which Java didn’t have, saving them time and effort.
Some of these capabilities were:

  • Null safety through nullable and non-nullable types, safe calls and safe casts
  • Extension functions
  • Lambda expressions or Higher order Functions
  • Data classes
  • Immutability
  • Co-routines
  • Type Aliases

Kotlin works fully on Android Studio IDE and very importantly has full Java compatibility. This makes learning and getting used to it really easier and speeds up development. Any Java developer can get used to Kotlin within a matter of hours and you can even use both Kotlin and Java files in the same project.
Using Java libraries with Kotlin-based projects works flawlessly as well. The reverse is also true.

Kotlin for android app development – features

Null Safety: Null safety is an interesting aspect of Kotlin where references that can be null have different type , thus enforced only during compilation. We get Null Pointer Exception free code and no run-time overhead due to extra Option wrapper.

Extension Functions: Extension functions are a feature that was missing in Java. With Kotlin, you can add behaviour to a class without directly extending it or using a design pattern like Decorator.

Data Classes: Let’s face it. No one likes creating classes with only properties (and many of them repetitive), to hold data. It can be tedious and boring but needs to be done for most business apps. But in Kotlin, you can declare the class and all it’s properties in a single line of code.

Higher-order functions and Lambdas: Lambda functions are something you may have seen in C# or in javascript, but are not available in Java. But now with Kotlin, Lambda functions allow advanced transformational business logic and brevity in code and functions can be stored inside variables, passed around as an expression or created in another function. Result: Less code to do more.

As another example specifically for Android, Kotlin also allows you to call reference to view implicitly to an activity which reduces boilerplate code. For example the code:

TextView text = (TextView) findViewById(; text.setText("Hi Folks");
can become
myTextView.setText("Hi Folks") showing the brevity it brings

Cons with Kotlin for Android

There aren’t many cons with Kotlin, especially due to its inter-operability with Java. The only ones that one can think of are maybe the larger file package size than one built purely on Java – because of it’s own standard library. But also, Kotlin is little slower on Android studio.
The other issue with Kotlin is that it’s developer community and help resources are somewhat lesser currently, although this will definitely increase in the future.

SO should you use Kotlin or Java for Android app development? Our thought is Java will be there for a long time to come but that Kotlin can be a good second language to master for android developers. From the user point of view both would be pretty much equivalent , but it may be time saving for developers to code in Kotlin once they get used to it.

This article was contributed by a developer from a rapidly growing mobile app development company in India: Creative Spark Solutions
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How to get the best Recruitment Agency Website Design in 2017 ?

Recruitment agencies are in a sector where one really needs an elegant website design. A recruitment consultancy’s website should positively showcase its brand identity and specialisation. Equally important, it should provide interactive functionality and features – for candidates as well as employers.

Recruiters should be able to interact with prospective talent through their website, and display the openings available. Candidates should be able to apply on the recruiter’s website itself or through a job portal such as

But the Job Post should definitely be available on the website. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity lost to connect directly with applicants.

Website Design for Recruitment with Job Board

The right website for your Recruitment Agency- can increase your revenue by 50%

Let’s look at how we are helping recruitment agencies with website design in 2017 by providing the latest features.

Continue reading

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Time for Human (NOT just SEO) friendly Pages ? Let’s stop pleasing Google

The other day i was frustrating about the work we have to put to keep pace with Google and its ever increasing tally of SEO tweaks named after colorful specimens of the animal kingdom.

We have the Panda, the Penguin, the Hummingbird, the Pigeon updates… and there’s no sign of stopping, or slowing down.

Google Seo Updates to keep you busy

Google’s Idea of keeping everyone busy

As an e-commerce development and web design company whose current client list is less than the who’s who and more composed of SME’s, startup’s (not even micro unicorn’s) and small operations looking for SEO, how do I put the effort and steps required to optimise their sites. And keep track of the same regularly ?

These steps require discipline, time and effort. The tips, hacks, techniques are being provided thanks to industry experts like Neil Patel, Aaron, Glen and others. But there remains a basic problem.

The Race for SEO Friendliness

Every question , every discussion generally begins with the phrase – ‘SEO friendly Pages’ OR ‘google friendly’ web pages .

IN our race to make our pages SEO friendly, we actually made them unfriendly for us humans in the past.

In early days of SEO there were multiple instances of making pages look like directories (by trying keyword stuffing), and so many other hacks.

Folks tried doorway pages, content stuffing, footers which looked like link farms and so on and so forth. Sure, google penalised sites, but many escaped. All in all it felt like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

Today, most digital marketing experts are already talking about depth of content, conversion metrics from your website pages and other aspects such as bounce vs. stickiness of a person to a specific page.

But, there is still a tug of war between these newer and older factors.

Perhaps it’s time google added to it’s console something called as an Human Friendliness Rank , like the Page Rank of long ago. We have indexing tools in Google webmaster Console, We have the google Page Speed Insight tools and we have scores of (in total we have hundreds of tools) of tools for measuring one or the other (or multiple ) aspects of SEO Signals ranging from content depth to on-page factors, off page factors, links, mobile friendliness etc.

Time for a Single On-page Official metric from Google ?

I think it’s time for a single score / rank to be assigned to Human friendliness which automatically collates and takes in account, content readability, call to action, arrangement of content. The HF Rank will tell whether the site is human friendly or not. Period

It would be a summed up factor of all on-page aspects including how mobile friendly the site is.
Yes, there are many many metrics and many aspects that are available using various seo tools such a Moz Pro, SEM Rush etc. but there is no official single metric (so far as i know of) , since page rank lost it’s relevance which average Joe at the neighbourhood can count on, easily understand and work towards. Keeping it simple and democratising search should actually be the core objective of google and this may be just a move for that.

This may of-course sound a little hypocritical for someone who has just categorised this very post into ‘SEO’ but you never know with google – they may very well come up with a major surprise like this next !

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On Page SEO Tips and Techniques for your website or ecommerce store

What is On-Page Seo All About

SEO is increasingly becoming a very deep topic with hundreds of factors in play and hundreds of tools also available to analyse, monitor and assist you in managing SEO for your website.
One of the things which has remained more or less same since the last 10-12 years however is the fact that SEO can still be divided among on page SEO and off page factors.

On Page SEO as the name suggest is focused towards elements of SEO which are on the page or URL that you wish to optimize and in your direct control. These typically include the title tag, the description tag, other meta tags (the keyword tag is not supposed to have any impact now) and various elements of your content and the web page’s structure.
Considering the vastness of the subject we are only going to be talking about the On-Page factors which are relatively easier to examine and fulfil. We will look at these both from scenario of a plain html site or a CMS, shopping cart powered site.

  1. Impact of Your web page’s URL on On-Page SEO

    IN the case of shopping carts or CMS, your product page url is typically automatically pulled off the page title that you input in the CMS post or page. Some carts may NOT have what are called seo friendly urls by default and in this case you should use plugins or tool (most likely available for free ) which converts the product and category pages url to search engine friendly urls.
    As an example of SEO friendly Url: Let’s say you have a page for XYZ Brand Denim Shirt with product id no. 9129 in a typical e-commerce store. Your url generated will have the product no. in it, maybe something like: www.yourbestshirtstore/product/view/id/9129/category/16. However it is more meaningful for google and even for the user if your url is something like www.yourbestshirtstore/mensshirt/xyz-denim-shirt . Note that for best result even the extension (html/ php etc.) would be removed. In Magento for example, you can customize this in Admin -> Marketing -> SEO & Search -> URL Rewrites .

    SEO page url tip:
    Remember that whether it is a CMS like WordPress or a shopping cart you need NOT have your url exactly like the title or page heading. This is because whereas title has generally has 50 to 70 characters; the url should not have more than 6-7 words otherwise it really does not remain very friendly. And remember to use the actual keywords in the url.

  2. Your websites title and description tag

    IN the top of your page are two tags which since last so many years have been sending an important signal to google of what your website page is about.
    The title tag is the most important tag for SEO purposes and should contain the keyphrase you are targeting for that page. Since the title tag should not be more than 50-75 characters you should choose your keyphrase(s) carefully as you cannot have many.

    Example: Let’s say you are an e-commerce development company and you find during your keyword research that the keyphrase “ecommerce development company” is something you wish to target for. Your title tag for this page should contain this keyword and the description should emphasise this as well as any USP of your offering related to that page.

    title description tag usage example seo

    Example of using Title and Description Tag

  3. Use of heading tags, bold content in page

    Heading tags are typically the page subsection etc. headings enclosed in:< h1 >, < h2 >…… < h6 > tags.
    These tags send signal to google about what the sub-topical content is about and should be naturally peppered with your keyphrase variations. Do NOT force the key-phrases into the headings however. Google also places emphasis on text which is bold. Though some SEO experts do not consider it harmful, it is always better to have Only one h1 tag. You can have multiple other tags.

  4. Use of Image Tags for better On Page SEO

    There are two basic tags we’ve to consider when adding images in a page. One is the alt tag and the other is the title tag. The ALT tag is important not only for on-page SEO but also accessibility point of view for if the image is not visible as is in case for visually impaired then the text contained in this tag tells what the image is about through the reader software. Also if the image is not rendered due to any reason, this text shows instead. So this tag should tell what the image is about. The title tag is basically the title of the image and if you point the mouse at the image it appears as a tool-tip text. These tags are also available in CMS like WordPress and in even in your e-commerce stores there are plugins / tools to optimise these tags. While adding an item into your wordpress media gallery you can set these tags.
    As an example of using image tags in media gallery in wordpress, have a look here
    Example of how wordpress allows title and alt tag on images The alt and title tag have been described above. The caption text actually appears generally below the image (depending on your theme) , if filled.

  5. Quality of Content, Keyword Density and Natural flow of Content

    During the early days for seo, there used to be specific guidelines for keyword density in your content and in-fact during the very early days, this was exploited as well to a certain extent by ‘keyword stuffing’ . Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs but do make sure that the content in your web page contains key words and semantically and logically relevant variations of key-phrases in a natural way. Forced usage of keywords / phrases will break the flow of content and even if you rankings get a slight positive impact – user friendliness and hence conversion metrics will get negatively impacted.

    Broadly since 2014 onward, with the Panda etc. updates one of the factors that google has been talking about is related content, topical authority and how especially for newer domains- that would matter. What this means in real plain speaking English is that if you writing about something in your web page – Lets say you’re writing about the Real Estate Service you provide to Tenants – Try and cover it topically keeping in mind the key-phrase you are targeting and related keyphrase variations. Break it down in sub-headings. If the topic is large , divide it amongst multiple pages and inter-link the pages with maximum links flowing back to the main page.

  6. Speed and Mobile Friendliness of the Page:

    Mobile friendliness is a relatively new factor which has gained a lot of importance since the last 2-3 years (major change around April 2015). Google has made it very easy to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. In 2013, Matt Cutts of google was NOT very committing towards the positive impact of mobile friendliness of your webpage. But cut (pardon the pun) to 2015-2016 things changed rapidly in favour of responsive websites. On a side Note, Matt Cutts himself quit Google to serve in US Digital Services after an extended leave of absence , but that of course is an entirely different story. Coming back – yes mobile friendliness of the page is very important and not just due to SEO but due to simple fact that no amount of seo can help you if the user coming to your website bounces off it in seconds because it didn’t render properly in their mobile device.

  7. Cross Linking and interlinking with Page and Structural elements:

    I am combining this point although there are two different aspects being considered here and both equally important. While it is not totally clear how google does it but sites which are user friendly and have above the fold (before scrolling) and below the fold (after scrolling) elements correctly placed and lower bounce rate are likely to rank better. This is what we mean by structural elements which do Impact the on-page seo.

    Lets come to the cross-linking aspect. The more the pages of your website or e-commerce store interlink with each other, the better it is. Ideally the full URL’s should be used while interlinking. This helps google crawl your website better and discover the relation between pages.
    The header and footer are of-course the main areas where content is linked within a site but various pages can be referenced by sidebar and links within the content. If the link is through a keyword or targeted phrase every now and then, this is also quite helpful.
    If you want to check out some deeper insights into search engine ranking factors and not specifically on-page factors you can refer to the moz biennial search engine ranking factors survey last held in 2015.

And now for some shameless bit of self promotion: We when we develop your website, we do keep the on-page factors in mind and do spend at-least some minimum amount of time in considering your keywords and how the page content, heading and title etc. tags must be structured. So when you order our wordpress web designer services or use our e-commerce website development services, we will definitely try our best to ensure your site has these aspects in mind.

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6 Tips and Tricks to improve e-commerce store conversions in 2017 and beyond

Hi folks, as a beautiful spring dawns on 2017, I thought it’d be great to re-visit some of the stuff we’ve discussed and gone over in the past which would increase your e-commerce site’s conversion metrics. You can use these tricks as practical starting points and find the relevant tutorials to actually implement easily on google.

1. Make sure your site loads quickly, whether on a computer or a mobile device
A typical user does not wait more than 5 seconds for the site to load on his screen. Using optimized jquery and css and through minification, caching and other tweaks you can make sure that your site will load quickly. Verifying the loading speed issues of your ecommerce site on free tools like is extremely helpful. Extra tip: Keeping the Javascript at the bottom of the page makes it more user-friendly, but make sure there is no error displayed in browser console due to the ordering of javascript. You can ask your developer to take care of all this as part of the project implementation.

GT Metrix tells where your e-commerce store is slowing down.

2. Don’t forget about Site Search
Customers should be able to easily navigate an e-commerce store’s website. For this you need to invest in good site search technology. The new version of most shopping cart platforms include auto-complete search which should be used to make it easier for the user to find your products. Site search also includes site filters and apart from filtering by date, brands, Price , other kind of filters can be set-up especially on prestashop , opencart stores with lots of product.
You’d be surprised to know that even many e-commerce stores with multi-million dollar investments have neglected site search and result filtering leading to lowering of conversion rates.

3. Great Quality Product Photos with Zoom or detail feature
Don’t underestimate the power of high quality photographs of products, In addition, give shoppers the ability to zoom in and see multiple angles and views of products (if relevant). This is mostly relevant in all B2C e-commerce stores. E-commerce product photography need not involve paid photo shoots. In-fact using simple tools and apps or settings of your smartphone you can click high quality images and with minor re-touching provide effects such as mirror and shadow effects. One such app for photography for e-commerce is the VSCO app available on google play store. In e-commerce sites for fashion and apparel retail, at-least 3-4 images with zoom-able option should be provided for. Having the right images of your offerings could be the difference between someone becoming a customer and deciding to move on to another website.

ecommerce zoom and multiple image feature

Example of E-commerce Zoom and thumbnail features

4. Include Reviews, Sharing and other Social Indicators.
According to many consumer outlook sites, consumer reviews are trusted 12 times more than any promotional PR release etc. or piece from a marketing agency. It makes sense for large sites to provide for customer review and moderation facility. But what do you do if you are a new site and do not have customer reviews ? In such a scenario we suggest that you rely on other social indicators such as likes, tweets etc. gathered regarding that product. Have a mechanism by which you can get reviews and quotable compliments from your customer. You can gently ask this verbally to a client once their project is complete and they complement you, and update them on the storefront.

5. Upsell and Keep the fast moving products in Limelight
Whether it is a woo-commerce store, prestashop, open cart or the larger storefronts based on magento – all of these have widgets, modules and features for product promotion. They are the Bestsellers, the Featured products and New products section plugins. The other used modules are the Daily Deals, Upsell plugins etc.. Your home page slideshow should also be changed frequently to reflect the main product you are promoting. If you’re using woocommerce, Beeketing for Woocommerce is one such plugin. There are obviously similar others for Prestashop, Opencart, Magento Store Design.

6. Easily understood navigation
Good navigation helps new shoppers find what they’re looking for without hassle. On the other hand, poor navigation frustrates them and may even lead them to abandon your store. If you’re seeing too many abandoned baskets, poor navigation could be one reason. Have a friend, co-worker or relative who is not part of your team try the storefront from the web and mobile (both) and ask him whether it seems intuitive enough to browse – and most importantly checkout. No matter what page a visitor initially lands on, they should be able to quickly find their way around your site without having to ask “how do I…?” Also have a 404 (error page) ready which is able to redirect them to search and just doesn’t show a bunch of garbled code etc.

Ecommerce Navigation Example

For good navigation lay emphasis on the following as well:

  • Breadcrumbs – Not only for navigation, breadcrumbs also help for great SEO as well.
  • Mega Menu and detailed menu with clickable top levels if you have a big store. Also check the menu loads immediately on page load and is clickable, tap-able.
  • Footer should have the Privacy, Terms, FAQs etc. Link but FAQ particularly should also be available elsewhere on top.
  • If support/chat etc. Is available they should also be placed.
  • Provide both grid and list arrangement of products – this option is available in most shopping carts. Shopping cart basket with item and quantity should be available on top and ideally updated via ajax on any update.

These are by no means exhaustive or even arguably the ‘most important’ tips but perhaps the easier ones to start with. We will be back with more soon so keep checking for more. Check out our ecommerce web design packages for more information.

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How to Choose Developers Resources in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

dot net developers for hire in Delhi NCR

Dedicated mvc , dot net resources available

Many corporates and startups are waking up to the benefits of temporary resourcing and outsourcing technical developers rather than permanent hiring.

Even for bigger technology projects and assignment, technical resources are generally only required for a few months to an year. Permanent hiring for assignments is prone to risk, cost and time constraints.

Continue reading

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Ablecommerce Design and Development Features by Company in India

Ablecommere Design Features and Solutions in Ablecommerce V 9.0

Here is a list of the features of Ablecommerce’s newest version for 2018-2019. The Ablecommerce software really takes the cake and has a lot of functionality which we’ve divided below.

Order Management
Order Management is a major piece of running an eCommerce store. We give the apparatuses expected to make arrange satisfaction simple, mechanized, and adaptable.

Propelled Order Search

Bunch Order Updates

Process Credit Card Payments

Alter Payments

Include Payments

Transportation with following

Alter Shipments

Union Shipments

Split Shipments

Alter arrange things

Make new requests

Recalculate Shipping

Recalculate Taxes

Process Item Returns

Private or open notes

Oversee Addresses

Process Subscriptions

Process Electronic Goods

Custom request statuses

Request status warnings

An item can have an immense range of highlights, or it tends to be as basic as a name and cost. Utilize the kitting framework to make one of a kind blends of items, or use variations to offer choices that can change contingent upon a client’s determinations. Stock control at the variation level is completely upheld.

Item picture exhibition

Memberships for repeating orders

Advanced merchandise at base or alternative dimension

Limits at item level

Specials with a begin and end date

Select items that are connected

Select items assistants to upsell

Gather data from client

Formats enable item information to be shared

Choices bolster pictures

Finish Kitting System

Shared pack segments

Merchant bolster with warning

Brands task for postings

Outline, standard, and nitty gritty portrayals

A few transportation and computation alternatives

Billable weight adding machine

Transportation techniques at item level

Utilize custom duties or robotize by means of Avatax

Make blessing wrap alternatives

Catalog Management

The client the board framework is an amazing element. By doling out clients to custom gatherings, you can offer
exceptional evaluating, installment strategies, dispatching, limits, and set page openness for individuals. Your store administrator clients can be given constrained or full access to highlights inside the Merchant Administration.

Oversee client addresses

Buy history report

Alter and view client’s bin

Oversee memberships

Deal with a client’s installment profiles

Site hit report

Hunt history report

Debilitate or reenable records

Subtleties of login history

Duty exceptions

Custom gathering participation

Propelled seek frame

Make arranges for client

Member referrals

Product Features
We offer an entire eCommerce framework with substance the executives worked in. Make boundless substance pages and sort out them inside the list or use them individually. Effortlessly setup a blog utilizing the premade formats. You can even make content ahead of time and set a distributing date for what’s to come.

Boundless substance pages

Page postings with picture and portrayal

Change openness alternatives

Page creator

Distribute date in future

Worked in WYSISYG proofreader

Simple discover seek frame

Specially craft formats

Website design enhancement bolster for meta labels

Make custom URLs

User Management
Our most recent element is another web composition framework that enables any individual with constrained aptitudes to change about anything in the store without procuring a costly architect or designer. This element can’t be depicted in words. If it’s not too much trouble watch this video to take in more.

Change any content on-screen

Plan custom formats and layouts

Intuitive gadgets into a page

Effortlessly change hues and styles

Structure all around or down to the page level

Responsive Design – underpins all gadgets

Import, fare, and duplicate topics

Tweak work process with application pages

HTML bits for sharable substance

Store logos for standard, versatile, and receipt

Content Management System
Our most recent delivery highlight incorporates the capacity to consolidate any number of transportation techniques into a gathering, and apply that send gathering to appropriate items. This enables a vendor to make remarkable delivery situations and offer just those strategies that the thing can send by.

Make custom transportation gatherings

Weight and dimensional weight computations

Transportation from different areas

Clients can ship to various goals

Make shipping zones by nation, state, or zip

Apply extraordinary transportation conditions

Mix with Shipstation

Apply transportation to individuals from a gathering

Utilize custom techniques, live rates, or mix of both

Delivery strategies: level rate, by weight, by cost

Bearer bolster: UPS, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post

Least or most extreme buy necessities

Taking care of charges: settled or rate

Progressed UPS combination with name printing

Late assessment laws may influence online retailers soon. Be set up for up and coming changes and use AvaTax to computerize all your expense figurings and detailing. For states that have simplfied charges, you can utilize the inherent custom assessment include and make your own duty tables. The expense reports will enable you to finish your state shapes physically.

Guaranteed AvaTax reconciliation

Apply duties to individuals from a gathering

Exacerbating assessments (impose on expense)

Address nexus: charging or dispatching

Adjusting rules: normal, up, even

Per unit computation (VAT)

Washington state assess combination

Make assess zones by nation, state, or zip

Assessment settings for presentation choices in the store

Make boundless duty guidelines and codes

Duty revealing by nation, state, or zone

Write about the accumulation of duty and request sums

AbleCommerce offers a wide range of installment arrangements including secure capacity of client installments as a choice with the CIM installment portal. Furthermore, installment strategies can be set up for buy orders, bank drafts, charge cards (remote and local), blessing testaments, and we have a few PayPal choices.

Confirmed Braintree mix

Apply installment techniques to individuals from a gathering

Worked in charge card approval (various kinds)

Make boundless custom installment strategies

Repeating installments through CIM

Ensured Chase Paymentech Orbital combination

PayPal IPN, Express, and PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Website Payment Certificates

All portals bolster sandbox or test mode

Approval, Capture, Partial Capture, Void, and Refunds

The Payment Manager has a few highlights for preparing orders in bunch. Accountants will value the capacity to scan for exchanges and make custom reports.

Pursuit by exchange ID

Custom pursuit reports

Exchange misrepresentation results

Group catch of approvals

Channel by installment status or strategy

Current request adjusts

There are a wide range of reports to help the shipper, including deals, items, client, promoting, and framework reports. Most reports offer a period choice, visual diagramming, and additionally point by point information which can be sent out to a CSV document.

Month to month deals

Yearly deals

Deals after some time

Every day deals


Deals by item

Well known items

Well known classifications

Low stock

Deals by client

Coupon use

New and existing clients

Site visits

Program notoriety

Inquiry history

Associates’ deals

Associate subtleties

Deals by referrer

Deals by nation

Deals by state

Relinquished containers

Who is on the web?

Stranded things

Review log


Creating new deals is a steady piece of maintaining an effective business. Utilize our promoting apparatuses to make an included item posting and offer item specials. Coupons may apply to a request, items, or transportation with least or greatest buy adds up to qualify. Limits might be utilized at the worldwide store level and can stream down to the class and item levels.

Boundless coupons: arrange, item, shipping

Rehash coupon for BOGO offers

Limit coupon to individuals or items

Set date run for coupon begin and lapse

Limit use with different coupons

Boundless limits: worldwide, class, or item

Support for covering limits

Limit rebate to individuals

Apply markdown as percent or sum off

Oversee highlighted item postings

Boundless mailing records for email information exchange

Open or private mailing records

Pick in process with check or affirmation

Programmed item feed for Google and

Google feed bolsters item variations

Prohibit items from any feed

Rundown item specials, extras, and related things

Report deals by area or alluding URL

Many site design improvement (SEO) alternatives are accessible, everything from custom URLs to cutting edge dynamic sidetracks. Each page, class, and item will have a title, URL, and meta data. New URLs are produced to be web index perfect and advantage most from the utilization of extra catchphrases by means of the inventory structure.

Make custom URLs to hold past connections

Alter the page title for any page in the store

Add meta depictions and catchphrases to any page

Incorporate custom css or content in the HTML head

Programmed age of the XML sitemap

Support for different site delineate with list

A few change recurrence choices for the sitemap

New URLs comply with best SEO rehearses

Boundless settled and dynamic sidetracks

Support for custom document augmentations

Second dimension reserve to enhance divert execution

Measurements following for each diverted URL

Worked in test shape to affirm URL diverts

Support for Google Universal Analytics

AbleCommerce has countless setups and settings. A most loved component is the capacity to alter interior business activities and work process utilizing request statuses and triggers.

Confine access to store individuals

Checkout terms and conditions

Site disclaimer for age limitations

Units for weight and estimation

Change timezone

List review mode

Custom request statuses and triggers

Dialect interpretation assets

Permit fractional or numerous installments

Monetary forms with programmed trade rates

Briefly close store for support

Item audit update framework

Design custom zones (districts)

Setting delicate documentation and tooltips

At long last, covering the remainder of the framework highlights, including application affirmation (in advancement) for the most recent PA-DSS prerequisites with Multi-Factor Authentication through Google’s 2FA administration. The PCI confirmation process takes around a half year all the way. Capable

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